Who could blame me for my cold, hard heart?

Ohja, ich liebe Lesen...
Und ich habe eine tolle Autorin entdeckt.
Sarah Dessen schreibt schöne Bücher ich habe bis jetzt
4 englische Bücher gelesen, die immer um jugendliche Mädchen und ihre Suche nach Liebe handeln. Klingt wie jedes andere Jugendbuch auch, ich finde aber grade dadurch dass sich schon ihre vier eigenen Bücher
sehr stark unterscheiden ihre Bücher gut gelungen...

Ich hab mal ein paar Zitate, die ich lustig,romantisch,traurig
eben einfach bemerkenswert fand ...

Damit ihr einen Eindruck von dem Buch bekommt :

"Even in death, my father was a one-hit wonder. Or two, i guess, if you count me." P.3

"Dexter:'I thought to myself, all of a sudden, that we had something in common.
A natural chemistry, if you will. And i had a feeling that something big was going to happen.
To both of us.That we, in fact, meant to be together.'
Remy:'You got all this, ' i said, clarifying, 'at the tire display?'
'You didn't feel it?' he asked.
'No i did, however, feel you slamming me into the wall'" P.11

"Lisa:'So what do you wear to dump somebody?' she asekd me, twirling a lock of hair around one finger.
'Black, for the mourning? Or something cheerful and colorful, to distract them from their pain?
Or maybe you wear some sort of camoufalge, something that will help you disappear quickly in case they don't take it well.'
Remy:'Personally,' I told her, pulling out a pair of blackk pants and turning them in my hands, 'I'm thinking dark and slimming,
a bit of cleavage. And clean underware.'
'You wear that every night.'
'This is every night,'" P.23

"Dexter: 'Hi,' he said. 'I'm with them.' Jess looked at me, but I was too tired to do anything but plop into the booth and suck down a gulp
of my beer. 'Well,' she said, 'I'm with them. But I'm not with you.How is that possible?'
'Well,'He said, 'it's actually an interesting story.'"P.35

"He jumped,grinning, then leaned a little closer and said to me, 'You know he's still taling about you.'" P.51

"I had no illusions about love anymore.It came, it went, it left casualities or it didn't. People weren't meant to be together
forever regardless of what the songs say." P.57

"He wasn't smoking, instead just sitting there on the wall, drumming his fingrs. I'd always been a sucker for dark-headed boys,
and from a ddistance his suit didn't look so tacky: he was almost cute. And tall. Tall was good." P.71

"He was walking down the middle of the street, The houses dark on either side of him, quiet in sleep.
And watching him head home, for a second it was like he was the only one awake or even alive in all the world right then,
except for me." P.79

"'That's Monkey,' Dexter called. 'Him and me we're a package deal.'
'Too bad for Monkey,' i replied, and stood up, walking to the car." P 91

"All these years Chris was the only one who'd ever shared my cynical view on love. We'd always told each other
how we'd never geht married, no way, shoot me if I do it.But now, he'd turned his back on everything. What a chump." P. 97

"'So,' i said, after a few seconds of quiet, 'Im an angry bitter bitch. Right?'
Cloe:'Right,' she said,without turning around. I nodded. Point proved." P.100

"Who could blame me for my cold, hard heart?" P. 108

"The only time I ever allow myself to be this weak was at home, in my closet, staringup at those stars with my father's voice
filling my ears." P.108

"'Remy,' Dexter said quietly. He wasn't touching me, but his voice was very close, and very soft. 'It's okay. Don't cry.'" P.109

"Maybe it was a shame thing , a punishment i chose to inflict upon myself because i knew, in my heart, that what i had done was bad.
It was my penance."P. 115

"He claimed he'd noticed it right from the start, and maybe it was an explanation, f sorts, of why we kept coming together, again and again.
Or maybe he was just too fucking persistent. Either way, I felt that we were at a crossroads. A choise had to be made." P.116

"It seemed like this day could go in so many directions, like a spiderweb shooting out toward endless possibilities.
Whenever you made a choice, espacially one you'd been resisting, it always affected everything else, some in big ways,
like a tremor beneath our feet, others in so tiny a shift you hardly noticed a change at all.But it was happening.
And so, while the rest of teh world still unaware, drinking their coffee, reading the sports page, and picking up their dry cleaning,
I leaned forward and kissed Dexter, making a choice that would change everything." P.117

"Dexter:'And of course Miss Remy does her crosswords in ink. What, you don't make mistakes?'
'You're here, though' he said.
'Okay,' I admittet, 'maybe one.'" P.127

"It was hard to explain, but it gave me a chill, every time, almost like he was touching my heart."P.142

"'One word,' Ted replied,dead serious, 'can change the whole world.'" P.143

"'I hate you,' I told him, and he kissed my neck, finally letting go of the cart.
'Not true,' he replied [...] 'Never true.'" P.148

"With all the changes, some things stayed the same." P.153

"As if for those few moments, he wasn't just my summer boyfriend but something bigger, something i had a stake in." P.158

"What did it feel like, I wondered, to love someone that much? So much that you couldn'teven control yourself when
they came close, as if you might just break free of whatever wa holding you and throw yourself at them with enough force
to easily overwhelm you both." P.161

"Plus, if you really went deep into the meaning of gifts,dishes equaled food, food equaled sustenance, and sustenance equaled
life, which meant that by giving even one plastic fork I was basically saying I wanted to take care of Dexter forever and ever, amen. yikes."P.170

"'So,' she went on, 'it got me thinking about what cost beauty. Or for that matter, what cost anything? Would you trade love for beauty? Or happiness for beauty?
could a gorgeous person with a mean streak be a worthy trade? And if you did make the trade, decide you'd take that beautigul swan and hope it woulsn't turn on you, what would you do if it did?°" P. 179

"I took it from him,squinting down at the writing. 'No,' I said, slowly, 'this is a notice sayingif you didn't pay your power bill by -let's see- yesterday, they were going to cut the power off.'
'Wow,'John Miller said. 'How did that slip past us?' [...] 'Yesterday,' Lucas said thoughtfully. 'Wow, sothey gave us, like, a half day over that. That's mighty generous of them.'" P.185

"'It doesn't matter, anyway, why you like me.'
'Nope.' His hands were in my hair now and i was leaning in, not able tot totally make out his face, but his voice was clear,colse to my ear.
'Just that you do.'" P.190

""Since I'd met Dexter, things weren't making much sense to me either." P.194

"I nodded,cool as ever, and he turned the corner,leaving me standing there. Watching him go. What a weird feelin that was. I decided I didn't like it.Not at all."P.203

"Are those the only options? Nothing or forever?' He lowered is oice. 'God, Remy. Is that what you really believe?'P.224
Maybe i thought. Maybe it is.

"After so many yers of only thinking these things, saying them out loud felt so strange, as if now they were officially real.
My cold,hard heart exposed,finallyn for what it truly was. Fair warning,I thought. Ishould gave told youfrom the start. I will let you down."P.225

"He leaned forward,still holding my hand, and kissed my forehead. I closed my eyed as he did so,pressing my toes into the grass. I took in everything about him that I'd grown to like:
the smell of him, his narrow hips, the smoothness of his skin against mine. So much in so little time." P.226

"His feet left fresh tracks: the ones from earlier were gone, already absorbedas if nothing had happened up to here."P.226

"'If what you're asking is how i debated wheter or not to love her the answer is I didn't. Not at all. It just happened. I Didn't ever question it; by the time i realized what was happening,
it was already done.'"P.253

"And all of it came done to one thing love, or the lack of it. The chances we take, knowing no better, to fall or to stand back and hold ourselves in, protecting our hearts with the tightest of grips."P.254

"'A man?' I said. ' God. I thought maybe I was getting some free cosmetics or something. Something i need.'"P.256

"'That's the whole problem here.I think thes just might come out. Maybe they won't be perfect - I mean, they could be blurred, or cut off in the middle but I'm thinking it's worth a shot.
That's just me though.'"P.260

"'I just think that you have to protect yourself,' I said. 'You can't just give yourself away.'
'No,' she said solemnly. 'You can't. But holding people away from you, and denying yourself love, that doesn't make you strong. If anything it makes you weaker.
Because you're doing it out of fear.'"P.265

"I had to admire it, that absolute kind of love that couldn't even wait a couple of hours. I'd never felt that strongly about anyone. It was nice, this rushing need to say something to someone
right this very second. Almost romantic, really. If you liked that sort of thing." P.293

"' I missed him,' she said finally. I put my hand over hers and sat down, pulling my chair closer. ' I know,' i said softly.'you came back from Florida feeling really good,
and then you find out he's such a rat bastard taht he-' 'No,' She saiddistractedly,interrupting me I missed him. All those Ensures, and not one made contact. I have terrible aim.'" P.313

"'maybe you just misplaced it[The faith of finding true love], you know? It's been there. But you just haven't been looking in the right spot. Because lost means forever. It's gone. But misplaced...
that means, it's still around, somewhere. Just not where you thought.'"P.325

Soooo Langer Post :)

Die anderen Bücher die ich gelesen habe von Sarah Dessen waren:
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Mir fehlen glaub ich nur noch 3 oder so :)

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