Day 09 - A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most

!!!!!!!!!!!Too all the ones that understand english better than me xD
is this meant to be a person that has gotten through me? or a person that affected me in a troubling way so i needed to go through something bad? .. I'm actually confused after reading it twice xD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mein bester Freund, und mein Freund, selbst Beste Freunde, was der eine nicht nachvollzieht, versteht der andere umso besser ♥
My Bestfriend and my boyfriend what one can't understand the other knows it all the best...♥

Dabei fällt mir auch auf, dass ich euch diese Bilder noch nie präsentiert habe, es sind welche der ersten mit dieser Kamera, 2010 im März in Dänemark entstanden.
I haven't showed you these pictures yet, they were some of the first i took with my current camera, i took them in march 2010 in denmark.

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