dear ...

God.. i just want you to know, that I'm always thinking of you.
I'm pathetic, aren't i? Screaming for your help when I'm desperate.
Screaming as loud as i can, as long is something happens.
And when everythings all right? what do i do then?

I forget about you and the time I've been in pain,
About the long period where you saved me from drowning.

So i just wanted to let you now,
I'm okay right now.
And i love you.
And I'm thankful for every day, that you saved me.
Because i believe you did.

You're the one giving me hope,
Giving me reasons to hold on to.
Letting me see the light in the darkest place.

Manchmal fällt es mir doch leichter Dinge auf Englisch zu sagen.
Ich dachte das es mal wieder für soetwas Zeit war.
beschwert euch ja nicht :P


  1. Hallo,
    du bist regelmäßige/r Leser/in meines alten Blogs.
    Ich habe eine neue URL, wenn du also weiterhin meine Posts lesen möchtest,
    dann klick dich auf meinen neuen Blog & verfolg ihn bitte! :)
    Liebe Grüße!