Lost and insecure

When i look into your eyes. I cann see all of it.
All the pain and despair.
Every little thing that broke your soul and heart.
It has already been such a long time
but all these feelings wont ever consider leaving your mind, and soul.
And i can see them, all of them.

Do you know how much i want to be able to do something?
To take it all away?
To take verything that made you sad and put a lot of lovely stuff in your mind.
It hurts to see you like that.
It hurts to know that I'll never be able to make your past pale in comparison to our present.

You lost your hope so long ago.
But you are still here, and i selfishly hope it has something to do with me
that I'm a reason for you to keep holding on.
Because you would be a reason for me
to keep believing to keep hoping for something better.
To keep thinking that fate can make me happy,
that there aren't just bad things waiting for me.

Englischer Text, weils mich viel zu traurig macht das in meiner Muttersprache zu denken.

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