Fotosession - The other half

My heart is half naive, half mature
I really want to know, I really want to know
The look in your eyes are half warm half cold
Let me glance at you one more time I wanna feel your true love

Have you found my gentleness in the other half?
At this distance, in these shining eyes
I don’t want to lose your love
No matter how I try, I just can’t really read your mind
Have you ever loved me? Have you ever loved me? Oh baby

Mein Praktikum ist vorbei. Mein Nebenjob ist auch erstmal vorbei.
Mein Semester ist vorbei. Grad ist alles irgendwie vorbei und ich muss so viel neues Anfangen, das ist einfach echt anstrengend. Ich denke ich muss mir im Juli noch ein wenig Zeit für mich nehmen.
Aber vielleicht auch für euch.
Ich hab ein paar Fotos von mir gemacht, mit der Rose, die ich zum Praktikumsabschied bekommen hab.

My Internship is over. My Job is over. My Semester is over. Everything seems over at the moment. but that just means that a lot of new things have to start and that is really exhausting. Maybe i need a bit of time for myself in July. That could mean a bit of time for you as well :D
I took a few pics last week with the Rose i got at my last day at the Internship.

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  1. really nice pictures ~!! And good luck on your new projects :)