Freundschaft mGd

I missed him a lot, like... a lot...<3

we were kids, bundled up in the same class, we grew older changed classes, got in the same class again, became friends, got to be best friends, because of his best friend, beeing my boyfriend, stayed as those, even when he broke up wit me.
Grew older again, talked about everything, got mistaken for beeing a couple ( or broter& sister) quite often, couldn't ever fall in love with each other, that was just to funny to even consider... and then? we became adults... if you want to say it.. and now? we barely even met alone... we still do, we still take care of each oter, but there isn't this feeling of beeing te only oen wo knows what the other one thinks or feel, without saying a word, I Miss him...



  1. Ich habe momentan Angst das ich meine Zulassung nicht bekomme :s aber wir lesen: Taugenichts, Felix krull, die Räuber, simplicissimus, Peter André Alts: Abenteuer mit majestät, durs grünbein und als filme: forrest Gump und catch me if u can ach ja und eine Gedichts Anthropologie über Liebesgeschichte der Gegenwart :). Lieben gruß